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Ever dreamt of studying and living in Canada? Living and working in a country which offers the most ideal living conditions in the world according to the United Nations is no longer beyond your reach. We offer exclusive Consultation and Assistance for all types of IMMIGRATION to Canada. In partnership with our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, we take you step by step through the complicated process, which may result in your dream becoming a reality. Canada has, on an average offered residency to 200,000 immigrants and refugees a year over the past decade, earning a global reputation for an "open arms" attitude. Who knows you could be the next in line?

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Why Choose Canada?

Wondering why you should look at Canada for immigration? Canada cares for its residents. There are a number of Social Welfare Programmes offered by the state.

For such a huge nation, Canada only has 35 million citizens, and they are some of the best looked after in the world. Canada's healthcare is what stands it above the rest. Education and opportunity in the country are also impressively strong.

  • Retirement Pension

    Canadian residents are entitled to receive pension under the Canadian Retirement Plan.

  • Education

    In Canada education is free in Public school till grade 12th. After that Students need to pay fees.

  • Child Welfare Allowance

    Federal and Provincial governments provide certain amount every month for upbringing of each child. The amount depends upon the income earned by the parents in the last year.

  • Social Walfare Allowance

    Canadian residents are entitled to social welfare allowance from the government if he/she is unable to support himself/herself and is not able to get any job.

  • Healthcare

    Canada has one of the best healthcare system in the world. Excellent hospitals and doctor’s clinics are located strategically and the services offered free of charge to all permanent residents of the state.


  • I had been planning to immigrate to Canada on my own but didnot know how to go around it. At last I got in touch with the canwings team who helped me achieve my dreams through the Immigration Pilot programme and now am happily working in Nova Scotia. This is a long process but worth it.

    - Sangita Singh
  • I was confused as to where and how to start applying for a college in Canada. I was well guided by the canwings team, they not only suggested appropriate colleges but also helped me through the entire process. I am very happy to start a new life in Fanshawe College, Canada.

    - Ritesh Tejwani
  • "CanadaWings have helped me get spousal visa and move to London, Canada. It was a smooth journey all thanks to CanadaWings."

    - Nabanita Deb

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